We have specifically set the timetable so that the main body of classes each day start at around 1pm which gives you plenty of time to get to us.

The great news is that, as of 19th August, TUBE SERVICES ARE RUNNING THROUGHOUT THE NIGHT!

Better still, it’s worth noting that there is loads of FREE parking in Kings Cross London across the entire Bank Holiday weekend. Whilst you should always read Parking Signage carefully, here are some general guidelines about parking around Kings Cross. 

Single Yellow Line Roads

1. Single Yellow lines are FREE parking from 1.30pm on either day AND from 1.30pm on Sunday parking restrictions do NOT apply again till 8am on Tuesday (30 August) morning due to the Bank Holiday. As such, you can parking in these bays OR on Single yellow lines for FREE from 1.30pm on Saturday till 8am on Sunday and then from 1.30pm on Sunday though till 8am on Tuesday morning. This is true of single yellows on the following roads. 

Caledonian Rd, Northdown St, Pentonville Rd, Killick St, Kings Cross Rd, Field St, Leeke St, Britannia St, Collier St.

Red Routes

2. Better still, the Red Routes (either Single OR Double Red lines do NOT apply from 7pm on Saturday onwards)  - only coming back into play at 8am on Tuesday morning (30 August). That means that you could park your car in a parking Bay or on a Single yellow after 1.30pm on the Saturday and then move it to a Red Route at 7pm on the Saturday and then NOT have to move it again till the Tuesday am.

There are extensive patches of Red Route all along Grays Inn Rd – enough for up to 100 cars to get parked.