Willem is teaching dance since 2004 and was one of the founders of Zouk in North America. He has his own dance academy in the Netherlands where he perfected his system of universal partner dance. based on 6 pillars; body control, connection, patterns, creativity, dynamics, and musicality. These pillars are used to breakdown the essence of any dance. Using this method you will gain a lot of insight but also make your body understand what it does during dancing. 

Willem’s analytical skills are highly developed so as a teacher he can easily observe and give feedback to help you improve your dancing. In his lessons the technique of the follows as well as the technique of the leaders are important. But most important of all is a relax atmosphere and enjoying the movement!

bio Chantalle: Chantalle is a very experienced stage artist with a Benelux championship title in pole dance. The 2013-2017 she was part of the magic show of the illusionist Hans Klok. Since 2017 she has decided to make a career out of her passion for Brazilian zouk and teamed up with Willem. In their choreo's they try to integrate show and zouk.